Children’s Care, Play, Learning and Development

The qualification contains both mandatory and optional units. The mandatory units provide the essential knowledge, understanding and skills needed to be able to respond to the needs of children up to the age of 8yrs.

The optional units enable the learner to focus their learning and skills develop on key areas of interest relating to the children’s needs, including language immersion, supporting families to develop parenting skills and supporting children with additional needs. A range of healthcare units have been included to reflect the complex needs of some children who are accessing community based services.

The qualification framework includes three components:

(A) City and Guilds Qualification in Children’s Care, Play, Learning and Development: Practice (Level 2 or Level 3)

(B)  WJEC Level 2 Qualification in Children’s Care, Play, Learning & Development: Core

(C) Essential Skills Wales in Communication and Application of Number

For full course details, please click on any of the PDF files below:

Once enrolled onto this course you will be eligible to apply for an NUS Card (£11 per year).

CCPLD Level 2 – English                                                            CCPLD Level 2 – Welsh

CCPLD Level 3 – English                                                            CCPLD Level 3 – Welsh